Dealing With A Toothache On Your Backpacking Trip

A toothache is horrible to deal with when you are at home, but when you are on the trail and experiencing this pain, you have no choice but to suck it up and take the pain. Now there are times that a toothache can get so bad, that it literally takes you off of your feet. The rest of the group may sympathize with your pain, but they will not be happy about sitting around and listening to you complain about your toothache.

It’s the middle of a backpacking trip and you wake up to an excruciating toothache. Toothaches are no fun, but they can be prevented with these simple tips:

1) Toss out all sugary foods as they will only harm your teeth.

2) Carry around some Orajel – it’s portable and has numbing properties that can help with pain relief.

3) Make sure you brush twice a day, preferably before bedtime for those nights when you’re too exhausted to do so in the morning.

4) Take ibuprofen or another pain reliever as soon as possible

5) Rinse your mouth with water if you have any handy

While your first aid kit should have some things in it that will help you, they may not work very well or be able to take away all of the pain. The other fact is that you don’t want to exhaust the supply of pain medicine on your tooth when someone could get seriously hurt and need the pain medication more. This is not to belittle a toothache, but it pales in comparison to a broken leg or arm.

– Toothache:

Teeth are one of the most important aspects of our day-to-day life, but they can also be a source of pain when we’re out on the trail. Toothaches come in many forms with causes ranging from tooth decay or cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems such as broken dentures or fill

ings. Toothaches can also result from a tooth being cracked or temporarily knocked out of place, and sometimes even facial injuries will cause discomfort in the mouth area

Toothache Signs Before Trip:

If you are getting signs of a toothache before your trip, it is actually probably better to go to the dentist and address is or to bow out of the trip. If your dentist cannot fit you in, you don’t want to be the person responsible for ruining the trip. Let everyone know what is going on and there will more than likely be very understanding about it.

Ok, so what are you supposed to do when you are out on the trail and you get your knees buckled by an unsuspecting tooth problem? If you have the foresight, you can throw some cloves into your bag. They are not going to weigh down your pack and they are a great natural cure for a toothache. All you have to do is crush them down, put them into a napkin and then place it right on the tooth. You can actually mold the napkin around the area and the cloves will actually numb the area. READ:   Factors in Choosing an Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Something else that you can do with something that will more than likely be in someone’s bag is to dissolve some salt in warm water and continue to rinse your mouth with it until the pain subsides. Worst case, you can fill your water bottle with the concoction and continue this process and stay on the move. Other than stopping to warm up the water, you will create little inconvenience to the rest of the group.

Two other items that may be in the pack are an onion or garlic. By chewing on either of these, you can alleviate some of the pain that you are experiencing. While it may initially hurt when you start to bite down, the properties of either of these will eventually kick in and stop the pain. Your breath may not be very good, but at least the pain will subside.

A toothache is never an enjoyable experience, but if they happen out on the trail, it can be really miserable. Stopping and lying down to wait until the pain subsides is generally not an option so you will have to use what nature gives you to make it go away. Make sure some of these items find their way into your bag and an unsuspecting toothache will not cripple your trip.

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